Random Access Analyzer

Random Access Automatic Analyzers for In Vitro Diagnostics manufactured by Biosystems SA, which perform spectrophotometric measurements (biochemistry and turbidimetry) and is easily adaptable to any work routine because of its many configuration options in the installation of samples and reagents.

Its performance (low water consumption, minimal maintenance and significant savings in the use of consumables) optimizes the operational cost of the laboratory.

Technical Spec

- Throughput of 240 test/hour
- Clinical Chemistry ad Turbidimetry dedicated reagents
- 30 refrigerated positions by 20 and 50 mL reagents bottles
- Refrigeration system with switch independent from analyzer
- 3 positions without refrigeration for sample and reagent racks
- 24 samples per rack. Maximum capacity of 72 samples
- Maximum capacity of 52 reagents
- New dispenser arm assembly
- Low dead volume sample and reagent
- Impact detection system
- Recalibration automatic positioning of needle
- Primary tubes or pediatric cups as sample containers
- Unlimited STAT capabi1ities. Run at anytime
- Up to 15 minutes reading time
- Reaction volume between 200 and 800 uL
- Measurement Range from -0.05 A to 2.5 A
- Spectral range 340 at 900 mm
- Hard Coating Filter (340, 405, 505, 535, 560, 600, 635, 670nm)
- Automatic conditioning of system fluid