• Our Goal is Supplying Best Quality, Competitive Price and Best Before & After Sale Service on Medical Equipment, Lab Reagents and ...
  • As our Products are Directly Related to Mankind; We give much Emphasis on Quality. Therefore, before registering Manufacturers we do a Research on their Products as well as on them.


  • We are Peculiar in Supplying our Products in a way that we give Before Sale Services on Imported Products, before Dispatching it to the End-Users.
  • We always check for Quality through Calibration and claimed features parameter verification is performed



  • Our Before Sale Service include Training, Installation and Consultation
  • Our After Sale Service is well equipped with Manpower and Spare Parts right from the Stock
  • We Offer Preventive and Curative Maintenance for all the products we sale


  • Our Target is not limited on selling our products, but also giving a close and online technical and service assistance thru our trained Engineers and Technicians
  • Our Credit Facility for customers who cannot pay upfront
  • Hence, with full confidence we can say Agmas is Special!



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